Dr. Lynn Metcalf

Dr. Lynn Metcalf and was born and raised outside of Columbus , Ohio. As a child he spent most of his weekends helping his grandfather and uncle on their family farm. This is were he learned many life lessons such as hard work and when a man says he is going to do something that a real man will do it.

While in college, he was introduced to his mentor, Dr. Estal Shore. Dr. Shore practiced for over 60 years and had a special relationship with his patients that attracted Dr. Metcalf to this profession. Dr. Shore's caring passion for his patients and his ability to help many people was one thing that really made Dr. Metcalf want to be a chiropractor.

Dr. Metcalf attended Logan College of chiropractic and graduated in 2001. He practiced in Ohio with another great Dr. who introduced him to Chiropractic biophysics, a technique for correcting the spine. Dr. Metcalf is very passionate about working with all kinds of patients but really enjoys working with athletes who are striving to accomplish their athletic goals.

Dr. Metcalf has practiced in Clarksville for the past 7 years and looks forward to another 20 years. Come see him at Tullahoma Spine and Wellness.